Cutler terrible for 3 quarters, but he delivers a win in the 4th

Internet lip readers viewed a clip from the broadcast and said Cutler had expressed his displeasure with the fan reaction by using words not suitable for these pages.

But in the news conference afterward, Cutler empathized with the angry mob.

"I'd boo us too," he said. "I told those guys it was a boo-worthy performance if you will. It was pathetic offensively what we put out there. It wasn't up to standard, product-wise. We have to get better, we know that, our fans know that. Luckily enough we got out of there with a win, but the first half is nothing to be proud of."

It wasn't. But it was.

When asked about Cutler's performance, coach Lovie Smith chose selective amnesia.

"When you are a great quarterback, most of the time in the league no matter what happens early on, it's going to come down to what you do in the fourth quarter, what you do with two minutes left to go in the game," he said.

We can't argue.

Almost any quarterback can put together three miserable quarters as Cutler did Sunday. But there aren't many who can put together the game-winning drive.