With a blitz called and three-deep coverage behind him, Jennings never took his eyes off Manning and, with Randle streaking up the field, was all but assured of a score the instant the ball left Manning's hand.

"If you're going to sit there and double move me, I believe in our rush, I believe in our blitz package," Jennings said. "I just kind of played it slow and kept my eye on the quarterback."

Jennings' second interception — with 1 minute, 54 seconds left — sealed the victory, a pick that fell into his arms when Manning fired too high for tight end Brandon Myers.

"Finally," linebacker James Anderson said, "we can exhale. Like 'Oh, my God. Let's go home.'"

Still, with the positive vibes renewed, the Bears won't mistake their performance for a masterpiece.

With cornerback Charles Tillman and defensive tackle Stephen Paea sitting out with injuries, a reshuffled defense had significant issues. Brandon Jacobs pounded his way to 106 yards and two touchdowns.

"He's a load," Briggs said.

Randle's 37-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter was the result of busted coverage between Jennings and Major Wright. And both defensive backs also missed tackles near the 5-yard line on the play.

In addition, starting middle linebacker D.J. Williams left in the third quarter with a chest injury, the latest setback for a unit that can't afford to lose another starter.

The Bears' inability to bury the Giants cannot be overlooked either.

"It wasn't pretty out there," Jennings said. "Even though we got off to the fast start, we didn't finish strong enough."

A 4-2 record provides comfort. Marshall's big night provides temporary relief. The need for dramatic improvement, however, remains obvious.


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