Phil Rogers' power rankings

19. Indians (16): Jason Kipnis is making an All-Star push with 11 home runs and 17 stolen bases.

20. Phillies (18): Is Cliff Lee ever going to get another win? How much longer will Roy Halladay be out? Will Cole Hamels be re-signed or traded? Too many questions in the vaunted starting rotation.

21. Athletics (27): Yoenis Cespedes is proving to be a tease.

22. Royals (24): Does the emergence of Wil Myers make Jeff Francoeur a trade candidate? It probably depends on the offers Dayton Moore receives for Francoeur, whose OPS is an unimpressive .720.

23. Diamondbacks (20): Lyle Overbay could interest a contender. He and Paul Goldschmidt are a solid platoon but Goldschmidt really needs to play every day.

24. Mariners (23): Do they want to liven up the trade market? How about announcing that Ichiro Suzuki has decided he wants to play for a winner. Probably won't happen, but if Ichiro isn't getting a new deal, why not?

25. Brewers (22): Crunch time is coming fast on a Zack Greinke contract extension.

26. Twins (25): After falling to 15-32 on May 27, Ron Gardenhire has done a nice job to keep the bottom from falling out. Credit to the reconstructed left side of the infield (shortstop Brian Dozier, third baseman Trevor Plouffe).

27. Astros (26): Does trading Jed Lowrie make any sense? His name's being floated.

28. Cubs (29): Don't be surprised if Anthony Rizzo arrives as early as Saturday. That's the first day he wouldn't reach a full year's service time by season's end.

29. Rockies (28): Can Jim Tracy and Dan O'Dowd both survive this hot mess?

30. Padres (30): If they're going to trade Carlos Quentin, they need to do it after making a serious offer on a long-term extension. That's part of why the baseball staff hopes a new owner is picked and approved in the next month.

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