Bears appear to have leverage in money battle with Forte

What other backs make

When teams and agents negotiate deals, they look for comparable players' contracts. Now that we have established where Forte ranks as a player, we can look at what his peers make.

Player … Years … Avg./year … Guarantee

1. Peterson … 7 … $14.2M … $36M

2. Johnson … 6 … $13.5M … $30M

3. McCoy … 5 … $9M … $20.7M

4. Foster … 5 … $8.7M … $20.75M

5. Jackson … 6 … $8.62M … $20.5M

6. Williams … 5 … $8.6M … $21M

7. Jones-Drew … 5 … $7.63M … $17.45M

8. Lynch … 4 … $7.5M … $17M

There are four deals that have particular significance for Forte.

1. The Panthers signed Williams last July to a deal that is a little out of whack from the rest of the market. Scouts who spoke with the Tribune rated him a "red" player, yet he is paid like a borderline red-plus and blue player.

His contract has been toxic in the Forte negotiations.

2. On Thursday the Eagles set a new bar for red-plus running backs such as McCoy. Forte's agent, Adisa Bakari, is likely to set this contract as his new target for Forte. It should be noted McCoy is 21/2 years younger than Forte (26).

3. In 2009, Jones-Drew signed a five-year extension with an average per year of $7.63 million and $17.45 million in guarantees. The Bears might want a similar deal for Forte.

But with three years remaining on the contract, Jones-Drew has been a no-show for offseason activities because he wants a new contract. His agent? Bakari.

4. Rice may be the running back whose value is most similar to Forte's. And like Forte, he has the franchise tag.

It is believed he is seeking $10 million per year, and he is not likely to get it from the Ravens.

Complicating factors