Heir apparent for Cutler?

Glennon has the best arm of the group, but he is about as mobile as a gravestone. His 4.94 40-yard dash scares teams, though his quick release has helped him compensate for slow feet.

Manuel has the best size/speed/athleticism/arm strength combination of the group. The downside with him is consistency and accuracy.

Jones has all the tools to be a fine pocket passer. He once was considered on a par with his predecessor, Sam Bradford, and has drawn comparisons to Cutler. Scouts say there is something missing with him, however, as he is prone to the highly regrettable throw.

All of them are capable of stepping up as a pro with efficient coaching in the right environment.

Any of them could serve as Cutler's backup in 2013. They currently have only Cutler and Matt Blanchard on the roster, and chances of re-signing Jason Campbell don't appear good.

The coaching staff would have to commit to developing the player, which would mean giving him practice reps and occasional game time.

The young quarterback even could push Cutler.

Maybe even right out the door.


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