Flacco-Ravens contract talks should be interesting

Moss has finished in the top five in the NFL in receptions five times. Rice did it nine times, more than any player in history.

Moss finished in the top five in receiving yards eight times, second most in league history. No. 1? That would be Rice, who did it 11 times.

Moss has a slight edge in percentage of his team's receiving yards. Excluding the 2010 season, when Moss played on three teams, he has accounted for 30.6 percent of his team's receiving yards. Rice accounted for 29.5 percent of his.

About the only statistics in which Moss has a significant edge reflect his downfield ability. He averaged 15.6 yards per catch compared to 14.8 for Rice. And he has 161 catches of 25 yards or more compared to 125 for Rice.

Moss' combination of speed, length and ability to "high point" the ball made him the best deep threat of his generation ... but not the greatest all-around receiver in history.

Front office chess: For kicks

The 49ers say they have confidence in David Akers. What they mean is they have more confidence in Akers than any other available kicker.

That is why Akers is kicking in Super Bowl XLVII.

The 49ers thought hard about replacing Akers. Toward the end of the season, they brought in Nate Kaeding, Justin Medlock and Billy Cundiff for tryouts. They even signed Cundiff and carried two kickers for a couple of weeks.

But ultimately they didn't believe they had a better solution than Akers, who missed 14 field goals this season, including a 38-yarder against the Falcons in the NFC championship game. He hit only 69 percent of his field goals, second worst in the NFL.

The problem is there are 41 kickers on NFL rosters now because many teams had injuries. Eight teams are carrying multiple kickers, with the Seahawks having three.

So Akers it is.

"David was the best kicker out there," 49ers special teams coach Brad Seeley said. "Of all the guys we could have had, David is the best kicker. I just hope his abilities come through in the game."


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