Isn't it time for a TV show about a South Side political dynasty?

The brothers: Successful businessmen who received a beer distributorship after the preacher led a national black boycott against the beer company. Blair Underwood plays the younger brother, who still runs the beer business. Terrence Howard, who was great in "Hustle and Flow," portrays the other brother, who is being positioned to take the congressional seat.

The president: As a young politician on the South Side, he was overshadowed by the preacher. But no more. Now he's the most powerful man in the world. Idris Elba of "The Wire" is America's first black president.

The mayor: Ruthless, yet committed to Chicago, with White House ambitions of his own, he keeps the preacher at arm's length. Matthew Broderick is the mayor. He never gets a day off.

Crusty but benign columnist: Robert De Niro probably would say no way, as would New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Danny DeVito. The South Side's John C. Reilly gets the nod.

The columnist's assistant: Should be played by SNL's Kenan Thompson, but instead, Chicago actor Larenz Tate of "Menace II Society" plays the dynamic young newspaperman.

Remember, it's pure, unadulterated fiction, the Chicago Way. But it could make Old School and me a pile of cash.

It really should.

But who would believe a story like this?

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