Change in Madiganistan starts at home

An aide to Democratic state Rep. Dan Beiser, Alton, 111th District, said he'd get back to us but didn't. Dee Beaubien, running as a Madigan-backed "independent" from Barrington in the 52nd District, didn't return the call either. An aide to state Rep. Carol Sente of Vernon Hills, 59th District, said "she's not in."

Hmm. I've got a strange feeling that I would have had better luck asking the potato question. So why are Democratic politicians so reluctant to publicly kiss the feet of their lord before the election? Aren't they proud?

Perhaps they'd rather fly under the radar, the way Madigan flies under the radar, a silky thing in the shadows, year after year after year.

It's this simple: The only way for Chumbolone Nation to end Boss Madigan's iron-fisted reign over our state is to not vote for a Democratic candidate for the Illinois House.

Madigan's lickspittles will no doubt accuse me of supporting the Republicans here, but if this were a boss Republican state, I'd do the same. It's not the party that's wrong. It's bossism that's wrong. And Boss Madigan couldn't eat without those fat checks from the wealthy Republican real estate interests who in effect subsidize Madigan's Democratic hegemony.

The Republican leaders in Springfield — House Minority Leader Tom Cross of Oswego and Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno of Lemont — are pleasant enough. But they have neither the guts nor the talent to run a thing. They roll over and live off Madigan's crumbs. They come with no ideas or true leadership.

In any case, the first step is that Boss Madigan has to go. Nothing will change here until he's gone. Nothing.

Chumbolone Nation, it's your state, not his. It's your government, not his. They're your tax dollars, not his.

And if you don't stand up, no one will.

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