Reverse Mortgage Guy could win this debate

"Honey, get out the credit card!" says the husband. "If we buy a boatload of Snuggies right now and invest in the future, we'll get a discount!"

"No!" says the wife. "Don't buy stuff on credit!"

"Oh, honey," says he. "Snuggies are so warm and toasty."

But after spending all that money you didn't have on Snuggies and Snazzy Nappers and ShamWows and so on, guess what? The credit runs dry. That's where Reverse Mortgage Guy comes in.

He tells you not to worry. He'll give you cash money to fix up your house. And all you have to do is sign your house over to him.

The house doesn't go to your kids when you die. He takes it instead. But think of all that cool stuff you could buy that you really wanted when you wanted it.

And if the kids don't get the house, at least they'll be the proud owners of a used ShamWow and a stained Slob Stopper.

I told you that Reverse Mortgage Guy is smart. Wonder what he'd be like in a presidential debate?

He might just win.

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