Chia Obama vs. Chia Romney: May the best greenfro win

"How much more patriotic can you be?" Pedott said.

Well, there isn't a Nancy Pelosi head, although the Chia Pelosi's expression would be much more flexible and lifelike than her actual face. And wasn't it Gingrich's patriotic love of country that got him in trouble with two of his wives? If only Gingrich had soaked his Chia in a bucket of cold water every day, he might be the one facing Obama with seeds on his scalp.

The clay heads possess slight differences. Obama's head is stamped with his slogan, "Yes we can!" Romney's head has no slogan, although "I sure as heck did build that!" would be nice.

Then there's the issue of Hopium and Gropium. We asked Pedott: What is the difference between the properties of the two?

"The seeds are the same," Pedott said.

He meant it literally. But Shooter considered Pedott's answer in a philosophical context.

"Isn't that so true?" she said. "'The seeds are the same.' It was kind of a 'Being There' moment."

As Chance the Gardener said decades ago in "Being There," as long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well, in the garden. I thought of Chance fondly and smiled while spreading the Chia seeds in their grooves.

Does the shape of the head matter? Romney has that flat brow, and Obama's ears are huge. Will these hinder growth?

"No," Pedott said. "The seeds are just on the head."

Come on, Joe. No advantage? No Chia partisanship, giving an edge?

"Nothing. The same," Pedott insisted. "No preference. No favoritism. They should grow at the same speed. But who knows?"

We'll see.

Two heads enter. One head leaves.

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