For 2nd time, woman gives Chicago athlete 1-finger salute

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass and reporter Jenniffer Weigel discuss Kass' anger over a Bruins fan flipping the bird to a Blackhawks player. (Posted on June 19. 2013)

The disturbing photographic evidence is, unfortunately, incontrovertible. It shows what appears to be a fearsomely vulgar new trend among East Coast female sports fans.

First came that Miami Heat fan who looked like Joan Rivers' crazy sister, and now, a Boston Bruins fan has immortalized herself as well.

It appears that these East Coast female sports fanatics just can't keep their fingers to themselves.

Especially the middle finger.

Just look at the never-before-seen Chicago Tribune photograph by Nuccio DiNuzzo as she sits behind the Blackhawks bench during Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final against the Bruins.

There she is, that mystery woman, smartly dressed in yellow and black, possibly sitting in some man's lap.

She could be the kind of Massachusetts neighbor who insists, with a frozen but polite smile, on handing out nutritious snacks at children's sporting events rather than those Ho Hos the kids love. She could be the member of your book club who actually reads the book. Or maybe she's a lawyer, or even a congressional aide with serious political ambitions.

But she's erased all that now.

With her right hand, she holds up a sign that says "Boston Bruins Strong." Nothing wrong with supporting the strength of your gladiators.

It's her left hand that's at issue.

She immortalizes herself with a crude and sexually rampant gesture which — to my knowledge — is unknown to the gentle womenfolk of Chicago. At least I've never seen any photographic evidence that a female Hawks fan has ever displayed the angry digit.

But the mystery woman of Boston certainly is giving one, right to the Blackhawks' Dave Bolland, who had enough troubles in Game 3, committing three penalties and drawing the ire of his coach, Joel Quenneville.

"Maybe I could have been too aggressive," Bolland told reporters Tuesday.

But nothing like that Boston finger chick.

"You're going to bust a woman for giving the finger?" asked a woman around here.

Yeah, I am. And what's with women giving the finger, anyway?

"You know how many women give the finger?" she asked.

No, how many?

"Lots," she said.

So I called my wife to make sure, but all she'd say was: