In the latest Moutza match, one figure stands above the rest

Time lauds him for fighting with the Chicago Teachers Union, saying: “It’s not a strategy the old Rahm would have advised a candidate to follow.” Really, Time?

Just a few years ago, a Time/CNN piece offered up a similar gush job on Mayor Richard Daley, who was said to watch over Chicago the way Andy Griffith’s fictional sheriff watched over Mayberry.

The Time correspondent and author of the Daley love piece?

Jay Carney, now press secretary to President Barack Obama.

The Time profile of the Rahmfather is just one of many big-media wet kisses to the mayor. CNN has lined up Robert Redford to do a series on Rahm’s Chicago, to make Rahm look even more heroic. Is there something going on here? Or is it just part of the Clinton-Emanuel 2016 presidential campaign?

Oh, I almost forgot: Time?


Speaking of bull, what of Filomena “The Finger” Tobias? She’s the wealthy Miami Heat fan captured in a photo during the Bulls-Heat playoff series giving “the finger” to Bulls center Joakim Noah.

The finger photo went viral. Worse, we had to learn all about her love life, and that business of how she was once accused in a lawsuit of having killed her fourth husband by drugging him out of his mind, then promising him wild pool sex with a Florida male go-go dancer named Tiger.

She beat the lawsuit by settling with her former in-laws, but there’s one thing Filomena the Finger can’t beat. An open palm.


If that wasn’t bad enough, Heat basketball star Dwyane Wade — an alumnus of Richards High School — wore ridiculous Capri pants with a suit.

He bared so much flesh in those stupid pedal pushers that he was ridiculed by former NBA stars Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal on national television.

I’m no fashion maven, but Richards Bulldogs don’t wear pedal pushers, dude.


In Florida, a moron named Scott Simon, 24, mistakenly butt-dialed 911 and began talking. A short time later, a Simon acquaintance had the misfortune of getting himself shot to death.

The 911 police dispatcher allegedly overheard Simon talking about how he’d follow the acquaintance home and end the man’s life. Simon was charged with murder.

The pair had argued at a Waffle House. You think they fought over the check?


Meanwhile, the political world is crawling with desire for the Moutza, including Lerner, the IRS boss whose division targeted conservative political groups before the last election.