Mr. President: Save us from Xbox One

As a dignified journalist and talk show host with immense gravitas on all matters, I don't know doodly squat about video games.

And this ignorance makes me extremely vulnerable to snipers on the Turbine map in Yemen.

But this really isn't about games. This is about a concept Americans have forgotten. We used to call it freedom.

What if I told you that years ago, a man named George would write a book about a futuristic society with cameras everywhere. In the land of Oceania, the news media edited out offensive phrases that would trouble the citizens.

The government could follow you everywhere on the street with cameras (George didn't think of the iPhone). Cameras even watched the people in their own homes. And microphones picked up everything.

Who'd ever write a book like that?

"It's not important to us," a high school junior told me the other day when I lectured at Lake Park High School in Roselle. "We don't care about the cameras."

She might not even care years from now, when her children are born and the nice bureaucrat offers to put a chip in her kid's head, to keep it safe from harm.

Eventually, Xbox One will be followed by another game system. I've already got the perfect name for it.

"Rat Cage on the Face in Room 101."

Now that's entertainment.

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