D.C. press competes with Tsarnaevs' mom for a Nah!

Take 10: Nah!

Another Moutza goes to CNN for declaring, breathlessly during the crisis, that a bombing suspect had been arrested (though no one had been caught by then) and that the suspect was "a dark-skinned male."

A dark-skinned male?

That's almost as bad as Obama mouthpiece David Axelrod suggesting it was someone opposed to paying federal taxes, implying it was a tea party member.

No, the suspects weren't libertarians or other anti-tax conservatives. And no, there were no arrests of CNN's "dark-skinned male"

The Tsarnaev brothers trace their roots to Chechnya, in the Caucasus. So they're the original white boys.

And CNN?


But nothing matches Washington-based journalists sucking up to power and getting jiggy with celebrities at the correspondents' dinner.

It's even worse at the Gridiron Dinner, where reporters perform musical skits for the amusement of the president.

How about a new dress code for next year?

Rather than wear tuxedos, Washington journalists should wear cute velvet suits with golden thread and epaulets, and tiny bellhop caps just like the ones organ grinders used for their cute little monkeys.

"Oh, Giuseppe, he's such a happy little monkey," an organ grinder might say, as the monkey banged his cymbals and doffed his hat for coins.

And reporters who play the chattering monkey for the president at the White House Correspondents' Dinner?

You get April's Moutza of the Month.

Eat these.



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