Homeless man living in a tent hits it big with a scratch-off

"He loves everybody here," Prince said.

A while back, the Circle K manager was standing in the street to manually change a gas price sign when a truck screeched by. Dennis ran out and got her out of the way. The employees never forgot it.

"He's a really nice guy," Prince said. "He would give the shirt off his back for the stranger if they only ask."

I've got a feeling that some are going to start asking. Perhaps not for his shirt, but for what's in his wallet. And now Dennis will have other choices to make.

The homeless are usually ignored by the rest of us, often invisible even when they're standing right in front of our faces. Now, though, he'll be visible enough, and that's the problem.

On Friday evening, a freelance photographer tracked him down at his tent. Dennis wasn't too happy. He wasn't in a talking mood, and you can understand why: He wanted the cash, and he was told he had to wait.

The photographer asked if he wanted to make a statement.

"I just told you," Dennis said, aggravated.

The man wants his money. After years of living off the grid, he's suddenly a man of means.

"I think I might just change some of my sermon for Easter Sunday," Davis said. "It's a good thing that happened to that man. And he needed a good thing to happen to him. And it did."


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