Ald. Lingonberry could get famous driving the Cubs from Wrigleyville

If the Cubs go to Rosemont, they can't very well call their new ballpark "Wrigley Field Too." But they just might name it after a former state senator who still has great juju in Rosemont. How about Jimmy DeLeo Park?

In a move that further turned up the heat on the alderman, someone who was aggravated with his posturing — perhaps a nine-fingered mayor, or maybe even a North Side baseball club — leaked news to another paper.

The heretic Lingonberry had dared suggest removing the so-called iconic scoreboard in center field and replacing it with a jumbo TV. The arrangement would provide the Cubs with additional revenue, yes, but still protect the current rooftop views. This cockamamie notion was roundly mocked by the Cubs and just about everyone else with a soul.

Poor Ald. Lingonberry issued a statement saying it was just one idea among many and it was rejected, but the damage was done.

It's a good thing for the alderman that he's still got his popular pancakes and sticky buns.

"We're famous for our sticky buns," said Clemente, the fellow who answered the phone at Ann Sather's Belmont Avenue location. "They're very popular."

And even without a Jumbotron, Clemente knew how to keep score.

"In one day we could bake 15-20 sheets of 45 rolls each," he said, noting that a sticky bun costs only $1.50.

"And they're 6 inches by 6 inches," said he. "Those are big sticky buns."

They sure are, Clemente. And there will be plenty to go around after all the baseball fans have left for Rosemont.

Go Cubs.

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