Sky's the limit for sequester scare tactics

Yet according to the White House, if these small budget cuts go through, the planes will run late, the children won't be fed, the teachers will stop teaching, the cops copping and on. And America waits, shuddering to think what will happen to all the Obamaphones.

Just don't get the president started on how the chickens will kill us with disease since there won't be enough poultry inspectors. And the potholes won't be fixed. And the bridges will fall.

The latest scare tactic is the timed release of disasters waiting to befall each state. And for Illinois, the White House tells us that having to cut $357,000 means that 5,230 Illinois children won't get vaccinations against deadly disease.

If Obama's bureaucrats can't find a spare $357,000 in the huge budget increases he's ushered in, they're not doing their jobs. And maybe they should be furloughed and we can pay for the vaccines that way.

These scare tactics are cheap tricks, yes, as cynical as an alderman's eyelids, but I expected more from Obama. He had time to make cuts but he chose not to make them. This isn't about cutting. It's about blaming.

And that falling sky?

He wants to push it up there, to keep it from crashing down.

Unfortunately, our benevolent federal authority can't do it alone. It needs your help and your children's help and their children's.

All they have to do is get down on all fours, meekly, so the federal leviathan can step on their backs, and reach skyward.

Yes, we can.

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