A joyous farewell to jazz legends

Naturally, the de Haases were urged to say a few words to the house, and they did so from their seats.

"Every day, I've spent quite awhile here enjoying the nightclubs … the musicians I've worked with," said Eddie de Haas. "To all of them, my heartfelt thanks."

Geraldine took the microphone, as well.

"Believe me, we're going to miss all of this," she said.

"Most of all, support jazz. You have to get out and support jazz. This is America's music and you've got to support it. … You need to expose your children (to it).

"There I go preaching again," she added, catching herself, before forging right ahead. "But support jazz – it's our music!"

The de Haases will be a very tough act to follow. Perhaps to acknowledge the point, saxophonists Schneider and Bailey brought their horns to their lips, aimed toward the de Haases and played a tune that said it all: "There Will Never Be Another You."

Never will.


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