Emery has another What The Football draft moment

Steve Rosenbloom

The RosenBlog

8:44 AM CDT, April 26, 2013


Am I high? Or is Phil Emery seeing things that others aren’t?

Sounds like a good web poll question. Maybe we’ll do that one soon. But I’m talking about the draft, and around 9:30 p.m. Thursday, one of us heard from the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

Come to think of it, Lucy in the sky with diamonds might’ve been a better first-round choice for the Bears. It certainly was after the Bears made their choice.

Here’s what I don’t get: Emery sees the same Bears team that I see. In free agency, he sees the same holes and he fills them.

Then comes the draft, and rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies.

It’s not crazy to take an offensive lineman. It does, however, seem crazy to take that lineman in a first round with so much talent remaining and claim that a project with a DWI on his record and other off-field issues was the best player to help the Bears right now.

Kyle Long feels like Shea McClellin last year. Surprise pick, big talk, little expected impact. Emery’s second straight What The Football moment.

Emery said the Bears targeted Long with the pick at No. 20 and were thrilled he was still there. Well, of course he was still there. Everyone who scouted Long rated him as maybe a second-day pick.

Almost everyone who scouted him, that is.

Even Long was surprised he went that high.

The Bears did not get the best offensive lineman in the draft. The Bears could’ve chosen the best linebacker in the draft. The Bears could’ve chosen the best tight end in the draft. The Bears could’ve chosen the best three-technique defensive tackle in the draft.

Heck, the Bears could’ve chosen a starter.

Nope. Not unless Aaron Kromer is a miracle worker or the Bears just want to force things.

Tribune football contributor Matt Bowen said on 670thescore.com that a league scout texted to say Long was “goofing off’’ on Pro Day and basically a screwup.

This feels like Shea McClellin last year. Surprise pick, big talk, little expected impact.

Emery said he got an athlete who could play both tackle spots and guard, but Long appears to be too big for guard, and if his technique is an issue now -- and it is -- then this could be painful for Jay Cutler.

Long was moved to guard at Oregon because he couldn’t play tackle, and Emery is telling everybody that he can play both tackle positions in a better league. Seriously?

I hope Emery is right. For Cutler’s sake, I hope Emery is right. But I still don’t get how raw talent supposedly is the best choice for the Bears right now because they expect to win right now. How can someone with so much work to do in order to block pro pass rushers be the best choice right now?

It’s me or Emery. One of us is seeing tangerine trees and marmalade skies.