Don't ask mayor to discuss 'Secrets'

No, it was Fred Barbara and Tommy DiPiazza and Tim Degnan who forked over the emergency cash. Barbara sent in almost $30,000.

Daley isn't the first mayor to know guys who know guys. What Calabrese's testimony shows -- except to those who have eyes but don't wish to see -- is that the connections between organized crime and their servants in the police and politics is a Chicago thing. It didn't end when Paul "The Waiter" Ricca allowed Hollywood to spin the Outfit bedtime story that Capone was the boss around here, not Ricca.

Yet back in 1983, when he was campaigning for the job of mayor, then Cook County State's Atty. Richard Daley was cast as the law-and-order reform candidate, while incumbent Mayor Jane Byrne was tagged as the Outfit's den mother.

Daley did something amazing. He indicted the Outfit's Tony Spilotro for the executions of two maniac street thugs who committed other torture murders. The indictment came a few days after the sensational Outfit slaying of Teamster boss Allen Dorfman (played by Alan King in "Casino") in a hotel parking lot.

"Allen Dorfman's killing clearly shows that organized crime is still very active in Chicago," State's Atty. Daley said.

Daley's prosecution of Spilotro was doomed. Judge Thomas Maloney tossed out the case for lack of evidence. In 1994, Maloney was sentenced to federal prison for taking bribes for fixing three murder trials. He wasn't convicted of playing games in the Spilotro case, though there are suspicions.

Eventually, the Spilotro brothers, Tony and Mike, found their way to a basement in Bensenville, where Michael thought he was going to have his own Outfit-making ceremony. On Wednesday, Nick Calabrese testified that once Michael entered the room, Calabrese tackled him and Outfit leaders began beating him to death.

Tony figured things out on the way downstairs, and asked, "Can I say a prayer?"

With Nick still talking, and with more to come, you've got to figure that there are a few guys in Chicago saying the same thing right about now.