More than a week after the shooting occurred, police were still investigating but had made no arrests. Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said Monday he was confident that the case would eventually be solved.

Watkins was being cooperative with police, McCarthy said, but he noted that police think "there's a lot more he can help us with."

Police initially said the infant was shot while her father was standing outside an open passenger door, changing her diaper. McCarthy said Monday that the shooting actually took place while the baby was sitting on Watkins' lap in the driver's seat of the van.

McCarthy refuted some published reports that Jonylah was shot multiple times, and that her mother, Judy, had been the victim of a shooting while pregnant with Jonylah last year.

Mary Young told reporters last week that Jonylah's father knows the identity of the shooter. But Brooks, who has been acting as a spokesman for the family, has insisted that Watkins has been cooperating "fully and completely," and that if he knew the identity of the shooter, "he would have given (police) that name immediately."

Watkins went to a Far South Side police station on the night of his release from the hospital, and Brooks said he spoke with investigators.

Ald. Willie Cochran, who represents the 20th Ward where Jonylah was shot, said the community was ultimately to blame for the infant's death. He called for people to help police catch the killer.

"Somebody's going to pay for this child being killed," Cochran said as the crowd cheered. "Somebody's going to pay. Bring them forward!"

Tribune reporter Jeremy Gorner contributed.