Holding the Bears accountable (because they won't do it themselves)

But wait. There’s more incompetence. The head coach challenged the spot. He lost his challenge and lost his last timeout. The Bears were out of timeouts before they were out of the first quarter.

The first quarter, do you hear me?

Oh, and now the Lions now had the ball.

Oh, and three plays later, the Lions torched Smith’s signature defensive scheme.

We shouldn’t be surprised the Bears failed because the general manager and coaches put the players in a position to fail, the worst crime that sideline dolts and suite wonks can commit.

Where’s the accountability now?

How can you not fire people for horrific drafting and development? I mean, somebody must lose a job before Cutler loses his life back there.

Angelo made Devin Hester a receiver. Smith installed him as the No. 1. Nothing justifies any of that. Hester is a gimmick receiver, at best. They don’t know what a receiver looks like. How can you not fire those guys?

That’s not a trick question. I’m serious.

Where’s the accountability now?