Cutler delivered the way a leader does

On the Eagles’ first drive into the red zone, Lance Briggs tipped a Michael Vick pass that Major Wright grabbed and returned to the Bears’ 48. How did Vick not see two Bears defenders in front of DeSean Jackson?

But that’s what Smith’s defense does to Vick: turns an athlete into solely a quarterback.

Vick said he still doesn’t know what the Bears do so well against him. Tough to beat a team that way, pal.

Vick said Brian Urlacher is getting faster as he gets older. Or, you know, Vick is getting slower.

Eagles third-and-7 at the Bears’ 27, and Julius Peppers sacked Vick. Bad left knees for everyone.

As long as Smith know what Vegas thinks of the Bears, did he also know the odds of Vick, not Cutler, being the quarterback who got sacked in this game?

I hate the wildcat. At least, I hate the way the Bears run it.

The biggest play of the first half might’ve been Nnamdi Asogmugha’s dropping an interception two plays before the Bears forced a fumble in the red zone on a punt and turned it into a touchdown.

Usually this question is asked about the Bears, but which was dumber in the first half: Vick’s red zone interception or Jason Babin’s roughing-the-passer call after a failed Bears third down in the red zone?

Results of three straight Bears possessions: Eagles touchdown, punt, Bears touchdown. And that was just in the last two minutes of the first half.

Bennett couldn’t start for the Eagles and couldn’t be stopped by them, either.

Rookie punter, ball near midfield, fourth quarter, down by three, fake punt. Incomplete. Just like Andy Reid’s decision-making.

This is the kind of win that makes you believe the Bears won’t just make the postseason, but will host a playoff game.

Then again, check back next Sunday.