Chief Keef arrested minutes after pleading guilty to speeding charge

Monday was not a good day for rapper Chief Keef.

It started with his being served with his second paternity suit in a year as he waited outside a Skokie courtroom, where a brief time later he pleaded guilty to speeding along the Edens Expressway.

And shortly after he left the courthouse, police arrested him on a month-old trespassing complaint.

Chicago police officers came more than 20 miles from the South Side to arrest the 17-year-old rapper — whose real name is Keith Cozart — a few blocks from the courthouse on the misdemeanor charge and took him into custody. His attorney, Leah Starkman, said he was released Monday evening without bail after being processed.

Starkman said her client has been under scrutiny from law enforcement for some time.

"His management believes he's being harassed by the police," said Starkman, who only recently began representing the rapper and is unfamiliar with his criminal history. "I know that he's on the police radar, but I don't know if it's harassment."

The rapper had just left the north suburban courthouse when Chicago police officers from the Grand Crossing district tactical team arrested him at 12:25 p.m., authorities said. The arrest stems from a complaint made by a security guard from the Parkway Gardens housing complex on May 16 about the rapper being on the property, in the Woodlawn community.

Chief Keef, who has been arrested several times recently, had just pleaded guilty to driving 110 mph in a 55 mph zone along the Edens and was scolded by the judge, who ordered him not to drive.

"You think you're invincible, and you're certainly not," Cook County Circuit Court Judge Earl Hoffenberg said. "Violate (conditions of the plea agreement) and you'll find out you're not. … I sure hope I don't see you again, because if I do, you better be ready to go to jail."

The judge fined him $531, put him on probation for 18 months and ordered him to perform 60 hours of community service and undergo random drug testing. He also must complete eight hours of traffic school.

Dressed in a black T-shirt, plaid shorts and sneakers and wearing a gold chain, Chief Keef made no comment in court.

"If I were you, I wouldn't take this deal if you can't follow these conditions," Hoffenberg said. "I'm really not sympathetic to people who don't listen to me."

Chief Keef, whose address is listed in Northbrook, was stopped on the speeding charge in the early hours of May 27 while behind the wheel of a 2011 BMW at Winnetka Road.

Also Monday, the rapper was served with his second paternity case. His first one, which is pending, was filed in December by a different woman.

Starkman said the latest paternity suit alleges that her client is the biological father of a little girl.

Gorner is a Tribune reporter and Cox is a freelance writer.

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