Young had a brother who was shot and killed by Chicago police in June 2008 in the Washington Park neighborhood on the South Side. Young's father died last year after an illness, Young's mother said.

"He's a good boy. It's just that he gets caught up. . .because there's no work," Young's mother said from the front door of her Back of the Yards home.

She declined further comment.

Donell Jackson said Young is his best friend and always helped him take care of his six children, the oldest of them 7. Jackson said Young would babysit for the kids and the two men would take the kids on outings, like to Chuck E. Cheese.

Young likes to draw and sketched designs that he later used as models for tattoos for himself, Jackson said. He doesn't believe his friend is in a gang, and he's confident he had nothing to do with the shooting.

"That don't fit him. That's not even him at all," Jackson said outside his two-flat in Back of the Yards. "He's got a good background. . .and stuff like that."

Jackson said Young got very depressed about his brother's death. Jackson said the two became close after that. "He was getting over it. But he was really close to him. too," Jackson said.

Jett used to live in a house two years ago on the same block where he and Young were arrested Sunday night.

Hector Rios, 47, said Jett would still come to the house from time to time to pick up mail. Rios said Jett and a few of his family members moved into a house across the street a few years back, but it has since been boarded up and the family moved out of the neighborhood.

Rios said he would give Jett and his mother and sister rides on errands. "He always was a nice guy to me," said Rios. | Twitter: @ChicagoBreaking