Kass: Tortured Wisconsin man proves that women actually snore

Benjamin Duddles, 41, calls police in Waukesha, Wisconsin, to remove a woman who is asleep in his bed and snoring so loudly that he couldn't get to sleep on Nov.10, 2013.

What happens when a man who hates the sound of snoring women just can’t take it anymore?

He calls police to complain. They arrive to help him. And so begins the  curious case of Benjamin T. Duddles.

He’s the Waukesha, Wis., man whose saga—and a recording of his 911 plea for help—is found in John Kass’ column.

Duddles called authorities on Sunday,CQ asking for police to remove a snoring mystery woman from his bed.
Duddles: She's just snoring away like a train. She's snoring.
Police: And she's snoring like a train?
Duddles: She's snoring like a train.

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