At this bakery, interns' hope rises along with the bread

And work is patience. A couple of times Mary, frustrated, has announced, "I quit!"

"No, you don't," Reverend Stan says.

"Thank you," Mary says.

Baking is hard work. Cold refrigerators, hot ovens, hours on your feet.

"I don't have the best of legs," Stanley says. He wears support hose for the gout. "But I have the motivation of wanting to do something on my own."

He wiped his sudden tears. "I cried so much a couple of years ago, you just wouldn't believe it."

Now, he said, it feels like making art to him, the way the green zucchini mixes with the orange carrot and the batter turns into bread.

Orders are coming in. The latest is 500 jumbo cookies every Wednesday to the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

And I can testify that that zucchini bread is better than what I buy at my local coffeehouse.