"I did not kick," Holmes said. "I don't know if I lost my balance or what happened, but I wasn't being combative at all."

After Holmes' right leg moves, the deputies immediately seize her and put her on the floor. They pick her up by the arms and legs and carry her a few steps into a holding cell, described by authorities as a padded cell.

Video from a cell camera shows the officers putting her on the floor and immediately stripping off her shirt, jeans, bra and underpants. Holmes lies facedown naked in the brightly lit room for two minutes — according to the time stamp on the video — before the door opens again and a male guard tosses the linens onto the floor.

Although she soon covered herself with a blanket, Holmes' nude body was exposed again as she got to her feet. She said she had no idea she was being videotaped.

"I just felt helpless and degraded. … I was actually afraid they might come in and try to rape me. I wasn't sure. I just had all kinds of things going on in my head," she said.

Holmes has no complaints about the conduct of the Marseilles police, Ekl said. She pleaded guilty to DUI in July and received probation. Online court records in LaSalle County and neighboring Grundy County, where Holmes lives, show no other arrests.

"There's a lot of people that get DUIs, a lot of people that just make mistakes in life," Holmes said. "That still doesn't give them a reason to do what they did. My dignity is worth more than that, and other people's too."



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