Police released surveillance footage Thursday that shows Lindsay Lohan pulling up to the Dream Hotel in Manhattan's Meatpacking District, and allegedly running into a pedestrian before continuing into the parking garage.

LiLo can be seen pulling up in her black Porsche Cayenne, sending people scattering from the entrance to the garage.  Jose Rodriguez, a 34-year-old restaurant worker from Jersey City, N.J., also happened to be in Lohan's path.

According to Rodriguez, she struck him in the knee as she passed.  “They acted like I was nothing,” he told the Daily News. “That no one could touch her because she was so rich and powerful.”

The impact did not appear to be very severe in the video, however, and Rodriguez stayed on his feet the entire time.

The Lohan camp denies that the 26-year-old actress touched Rodriguez, and her publicist, Steve Honig, was confident that the video would clear her name.

Why the troubled star from Long Island was driving is another question, however.  Lohan, already on informal probation for swiping a necklace from a jewelry store, was accused of hitting a Hollywood nightclub manager with her car in May.  She was cleared in that case.

In another accident, Lohan crushed the front of her black Porsche into the back of a truck while driving along the Pacific Highway in California this past summer.