Wherever Lindsay Lohan is, trouble usually isn't far behind. Drunken clubbing photos, court appearances and driving dust-ups now get more attention than her once promising movie career.

Her latest debacle comes NY Style with claims she clipped a guy in an alley between the Maritime Hotel and the Dream Hotel while partying in the meatpacking district early this morning. Porsche--check. Entourage on board--check. Arrested for Leaving the scene of an accident--Oh, yeah, Check!

So here's the rhetorical question--What the heck is Team Lohan doing letting the poster child for train wreck starlets get behind the wheel at two in the morning after well documented drug and alcohol problems that've led to jail time? And did LiLo get white glove treatment by the NYPD by skipping the jail and processing most civilians get, instead being handed a desk appearance ticket?

Sandy Rubenstein, a quintessential New York attorney who handles cases for celebrities and regular folks says it looks like it. "It seems to me a courtesy was extended to her. Normally desk appearance tickets are given to people with no criminal records. That's not the case with Lohan."

But the bigger problem? The hit and run, even though no alcohol was involved according to police, could earn LiLo a new pair of silver bracelets for violating her probation.

Rubenstein explains the legalities, "The arrest generates that hearing where it will be determined if she violated terms of her probation and a California judge could throw her back in jail."

We tried talking to the 34-year-old who got says he got smacked in the knee while Lohan was trying to park early this morning, but he wasn't answering the door at his Jersey City apartment.

The starlet's most recent headlines came for her Twit Rant over fellow star Amanda Bynes and her driving troubles. Lohan used Twitter to whine about her own misfortune. "Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had No punishment(s) so far?" she broadcast out.

Meanwhile, Lohan's publicist calls the whole Meatpacking bang up "much ado about nothing" saying "facts" are being gathered and in a few weeks it'll be proven "untrue".

Part of that fact gathering has to do with surveillance video. Police have confirmed they've got it from the alleyway.