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Stevie Nicks to guest star on 'American Horror Story: Coven'

"American Horror Story: Coven" is getting more than Stevie Nicks music. The legendary rocker is set to guest star on the FX show, series creator Ryan Murphy tweeted Tuesday.

"Guess who's visiting to the Coven? The legendary Stevie Nicks!" Murphy wrote. The "Glee" co-creator has said in the past that ha has been a Nicks fan for years; he paid tribute to her music with Fleetwood Mac in a 2011 "Glee" episode.

Speculation about an appearance by the one-time Fleetwood Mac singer started when one of the show's characters, necromancing loner Misty Day (Lily Rabe), voiced her love for "the white witch" in an early episode. Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that when came up with the Misty character, he thought about how she'd probably be a Nicks fan, too.

"So I called Stevie Nicks and first I said, 'I want to use you in the show.' But she was very resistant because from the beginning of her career people who are in the Wiccan community had given her a hard time thinking she was a witch and she got a lot of scary fan letters," he told EW. "She didn't like the darkness of that, and I explained to her the part and she's like, 'Aw f—, let's just do it. OK, I love it.'"

The date of Nicks' appearance has not yet been announced.

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