What originally got you interested in acting?
I was in "Hansel and Gretel" when I was in third grade, no joke. That was the first play I ever did. It's kind of funny that I'm doing this now. Huh?

Were you surprised by the reaction to the show, how it was embraced?
Yes, I was surprised that the pilot was as good as it was. I was surprised we had pick-up. I was surprised we were the first thing renewed because you just can't expect these things to happen, especially when you're a weird little show like this. Come on, we were the first thing renewed and "Prime Suspect" got cancelled? Are you kidding me? So yeah, I was surprised for no other reason than it's like threading a needle to get to this point and not because I didn't believe in what we were doing or I didn't believe in the people because I do and I did and in continue to. It was more the kind of like winning the lottery feeling.

You played a lot of sort of crazily mentally unstable characters in the past. Did you pursue those kinds of roles or did they just sort of happen upon you?
It's just a combo. I am very interested in like what goes on in the mind of someone who is not right. I find that to be very interesting sort of territory to play with, but I didn't like super actively seek them out ... I have to say I did contribute to it I think because I do find that stuff interesting. Like when you see the guy muttering to himself, what is he talking about?

What has been your most fun role to play?
Probably what I'm doing right now. It is what I'm doing right now. There is no probably about it. This is the most fun I've ever had doing my job.

Do you have any favorite beasts, any favorite Wesen besides the Blutbad.
The Murciélago was pretty cool, the bat creature, which we totally mispronounced and I can't believe that that happened, but it's all good.

That must be hard with the language thing anyway. You guys are making some of them up. Right?
Yeah, definitely, but Murciélago does mean I think bat in Spanish and we pronounced it Murciélago and that drives me crazy because I don't speak Spanish so you know, but the creature looked really, really good because it was actually physical. Sometimes it's physical. Sometimes it's CGI and sometimes it's a combo and when it's a combo it looks really good because there is an actual person, physical thing happening that they kind of spruce up a little bit with the computer, so the Murciélago was one of those and I thought it looked frickin' awesome and the Hundjäger are pretty badass too, the like jackal kind of creatures. Some work better than others.

Do you find the makeup process troubling?
Mostly for me it's CGI. I've only had to do the full makeup one time. (Click here to see the process.)

That's good for you.
Yeah, that's great. It's just too time consuming. There are not enough hours in the day.

Could you give a tease for the new season?
Look, if you liked the first season you're going to love the second because it's just bigger, badder and better. We hit the ground running and we don't look back and it's like action-packed, scary, funny. It's great honestly and I'm not just being a shill here. I really think this season is going to rock.

You spent time in Chicago when you did "Prison Break." Any special places you used to go to? Anything you miss about the city?
I miss being able to smoke a cigar indoors while listening to somebody play jazz music. Can you still do that there?

Well there were bars where you smoked cigars man, like the Redheaded Bar where there was some guy playing piano and there was like a bar called like the Dopey Redhead of something.

The Redhead Piano Bar.
Yeah, you could walk downstairs and do it and you could smoke. I remember walking around town smoking.

You can't do that anymore.
And another place, what's it called? Rush Street area where you could walk in the jazz bar and you could smoke a frickin' cigar. I liked that about it. I didn't like the heat and the humidity. I almost got heatstroke out there working at Joliet, but Chicago is a fun city. Portland is my favorite place I've ever been hired to work, but Chicago is pretty close second.