The Queens of "RuPaul's Drag Race"

Frenemies unite for a very special episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race." (Logo / April 27, 2012)

Squirrelfriends, what in the name of all that is draggy happened last night?

We'll get to the episode soon enough, but first I have to sort of process the insanity that was Willam's sudden, unexplained elimination.

What, exactly, was the "rule" that Willam was accused of breaking?

As an amateur professional detective, I can only take into consideration the "evidence" given:

1. Willam was experiencing personal problems that had "nothing to do with" the show.

2. willam was quiet and reserved all episode.

3. Willam puked during judging.

4. RuPaul said Willam "broke the rules" and had to be immediately eliminated.

5. During "Untucked," the other contestants said that Willam was having personal problems because he was doing stuff he "shouldn't have been doing anyway."

6. Willam mentioned how tight his corset was.

The only conclusion I possibly can come to is that Willam is pregnant.

Either that or Willam was hung over, maybe from leaving the hotel without permission. And that's not exactly blockbuster stuff, so I don't understand why Ru just didn't tell us.

I felt adrift after the end of last night's episode, unsure of where to go or what to do.

In times of crisis like this, perhaps the only way to get over the trauma is to soldier on, continuing to live our lives as if nothing had changed.

Well, that's what our drag-testants did last night after the elimination of Jiggly Caliente, a queen not-so-sorely missed among her compatriots.

They moved forward into the mini-challenge, which wasn't even a challenge at all but was instead a session with a polygraph examiner.

Important lessons we learned:

* Chad Michaels sleeps in the nude but lies about it.

* Everybody wants to have sex with Latrice Royale, but she just wants to have sex with the Pit Crew.

* Latrice has a very healthy self-esteem.