But, as the show’s gone on, the costumes really helped me much more than I thought it would. But the costume dictates the way I hold my posture, it dictates the way I breathe, so that effects my voice. It dictates they way I walk just through the weight of it. So all these things that I could moan about actually have been really useful for me as an actor. They’ve kind of helped me create this character from a physical way, as much as I’m doing it from a mental way. So I’ve kind of allowed these things to influence me and actually really appreciated them.

For all that it kills me on set, when my back’s aching and you're soaking wet and it takes me like 40 minutes to get in my costume and about 40 minutes to get out of at the end of the day, it’s actually a really useful thing for me as an actor. It’s really helped me build Robb as a character. 

It helps me and it does change my voice dramatically. It’s funny what I managed to do afterwards doing ADR not in costume, I have to make a real effort with my voice to get it to the same place because I can pull on the weight of the costume to help me put it in a certain place. And so I have to try and recreate that and I realize how much the costume actually aids me in lots of ways. 

Robb is pretty much absent from the second book, but the guys wanted to keep you around so they mixed things up a bit from the book. Did that make you feel good? 
Yeah, completely. [Laughs.] As soon as Season 2 got green-lit, I was like, “Awesome.” I read season by season, so Season 2 got green-lit and I got into the second book and I was reading and it was like, “This is great. I’m going to come up at any minute now.” It’s like, “OK, just another chapter. I’m sure we’re going to see Robb.” I was like, “OK, this sucks. Robb is not in it. I love being in the show and I’m not going to be in it.”

Then I got the scripts and I was so pleased with David and Dan doing that. And I think that's kind of, creatively, from a story point of view, it’s good to keep this character in there and not just to be reported on, but to see it up close and live and keep Robb part of the action.

You’ve only just read up to the second book? 
Yeah, I read the books season by season. So I go back and read it again and now that we’ve been green-lit for Season 3—yes, excellent—I can start getting involved in the third book and kind of get into the details with that. 

Well, I’m hoping David and Dan will continue to deviate from the books when it comes to your character. 
[Laughs.] Well, I’m keen to see what happens. I have heard things and I'm like, “Don't tell me! Be quiet!” [Laughs.] So I need to go and experience it firsthand now and see what stuff David and Dan are going to be doing. 

Fingers crossed.
Right. Thank you.

You’ve gotten to do a lot of great stuff in the past couple of years. Is it hard to sort of stay humble and keep your eye on doing a good job? Are there a lot of distractions?
No, I don't find it hard to stay humble. I’d say my drive is always there. I kind of started “Game of Thrones” as a really young actor and not a lot on my CV. I just want to keep doing work that I don't know if I’m good enough to do. That's always my main drive is to do things that challenge me. I try and stay away from like Romeo parts now, as we’ve talked about, because I’ve been there. So I keep wanting to do things that are really different and challenging and pick up a script and if the script kind of terrifies me in a way, like, “Oh God, I don't know if I’m good enough to play this part,” then I kind of know I’m on to something that I should really endeavor to get cast in because I want to challenge myself as much as I can as an actor. And David and Dan do that for me in the show. They push me as an actor and I want to continue that when I’m not in “Game of Thrones” as well.

One last thing, are we going to get another season of “Sirens?”
No, it’s gone. It’s gone, sadly. Yeah, it’s out of there. But, hey, I think that's good these things. It means the schedule is freed up for different programming and stuff. I enjoyed doing it. It was good for me, but we’ll see what happens next.