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MSNBC's 'Sex Slaves' examines human trafficking in Chicago

MSNBC Docs will shine its spotlight on human trafficking in Chicago in a new special, "Sex Slaves: Windy City."

The special airs at 9 p.m. April 7 CT as part of the investigative series, hosted by the "Today" show's Natalie Morales, that explores the tolls of human trafficking. Next to drugs, MSNBC says in a release, human trafficking is now the second largest criminal activity both in America and internationally.

From the release:

In "Sex Slaves: Windy City," producers document Cook County's Human Trafficking Task Force as they pursue the criminals that solicit young women and girls selling themselves on the streets of Chicago. Leading these efforts is State's Attorney Anita Alvarez, the Cook County Sheriff's Department and Chicago Police Department, who collaborate to identify and convict the criminals who exploit the vulnerable, including the homeless.

In one particularly heartbreaking moment, producers meet 46-year-old Carlissa, a grandmother of two whose drug addiction has led her to spend a lifetime selling herself on the streets of Chicago. Having outlived her usefulness to a pimp, she now sells herself for $20 to support her heroin addiction. Watch the clip below.

The documentary also re-acquaints viewers with a woman prostitute who was featured in a previous episode. Before she was seemingly at peace with "the life." But this time, her anger boils over as she is clearly now worn down by prostitution and worn out.

The Illinois Supreme Court also granted MSNBC unprecedented access by allowing cameras into the courtroom of a Cook County special court led by Judge Rosemary Grant Higgins where women who have been exploited are given the opportunity to rehabilitate their lives, instead of serving time.

A second clip below shows Cook County Sheriff's Department undercover investigator Chip Anderson booking a date with a young woman named "Jessica." When officers arrive, they find no money in her hotel room, and suspect Jessica isn't working--or traveling--alone.

Sex Slaves: Windy City" was produced with Santoki Productions, producer Grace Kahng. For MSNBC: Michael Rubin is Vice President, Long Form Programming, Scott Hooker is Senior Executive Producer, Tim Smith is Senior Producer, Carrie Wysocki is director of production and Elizabeth Freedman is Associate Producer.



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