You want to give me a message to the Chicago viewers?
I hope everyone out there tunes in and enjoys it this season, because it’s exciting. We’ve got President Nixon, who’s going to open it. And I think we’ve got one of the greatest writers in sci-fi in Steven Moffat and he’s really pushing the form and the boundaries of the stories. So I hope you guys enjoy it, I really do.

Smith chatted with BBC America about the new season. Here are some excerpts:

“I think The Silence are one of the greatest monsters of recent years and certainly one of the scariest. They’re also very clever and I love the fact they’ve been silently working since the dawn of time to make The Doctor come unstuck.”

“Steven has a grand plan and some of the seeds he planted in the last season start coming to fruition and affecting the characters in drastic ways. Every character is faced with the most seismic and high-stakes choices we’ve seen so far.”

“It was very strange. We were in the middle of the desert and suddenly there was a lady with a campervan and deck chair, holding an iPad up with a moving screen which read ‘autograph please!’ I mean how on earth she knew we were in the middle of the desert I have no idea, but it certainly proved her dedication to the show!”

“The landscape was incredible and I think being in America, filming in that terrain, has definitely added a sense of scale and a filmic quality to this season of Doctor Who. It was an amazing experience and a brilliant laugh. I have to confess that I think the Stetson has been my favorite hat for the Doctor so far, 100 percent. Viewers may well see more of the Stetson later in the season but I couldn’t possibly reveal when…”

On Alex Kingston: “I’m very fond of Alex and I simply love the part of River Song because it makes the Doctor come unstuck; she’s the one person in the world who knows more than him. I think Steven has written some really revelatory stuff about the character and she’s extremely important to this season…”

On other guests: “We’ve also been incredibly lucky to welcome a number of fantastic guest stars including Hugh Bonneville, Suranne Jones and Lily Cole. James Corden also returns later in the season. I’ve admired so many people who have been involved and all of them have brought a touch of quality.”

On Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill: “I think with Rory, Arthur has perfectly judged the humor and he’s got some fantastic storylines with Karen. I do think that Amy and Rory now being married has changed the dynamic in the TARDIS and in many ways it’s the Doctor who is perhaps the odd one out. However, Karen and Arthur are hilarious and together we are always mucking around between takes and telling silly jokes to annoy each other!”

His clumsiness: “I was chatting away to someone the other day on set and I had my hand on a lamp stand. Little did I know that as I was leaning it was actually turning and suddenly it came crashing down on my head!”

Sword fighting in Episode 3: “It was 4 a.m. and we had four huge rain machines making us soaking wet but we all loved it. Karen had to do the sword fighting though. I just had to walk round and act clever in the background!”