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'In the Flesh' video preview: Ex-zombie angst

If you watch AMC's "The Walking Dead" regularly, you know that at one time, Hershel Greene believed if he kept his zombified relatives locked up in his barn long enough, they would be saved once humanity figured out a cure for the zombie epidemic.

BBC America's upcoming miniseries "In the Flesh" imagines a world where zombies can be cured, or at least medicated to keep their rabid tendencies at bay. Now considered patients with PDS, or Partially Deceased Syndrome, former zombies are treated and reintegrated back into human society.

In this scene from the first episode, PDS sufferer Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry) discusses how is haunted but the memories of eating brains in a group therapy session at a PDS facility before going back home. Once he goes home, Kieren not only has to deal with a sister who hates him and parents who don't understand what he's going through, but with the same issues that resulted in his becoming a zombie in the first place.

Four years ago, the teen felt like an outsider in school and the community that rejected him, leading him to commit suicide. Like thousands of others, he rose from the dead shortly thereafter.

Created and written by Dominic Mitchell and executive produced by Hilary Martin, "In the Flesh" is a new and deeply affecting twist on the zombie tale. BBC America will air the three-night mini at 9 p.m. CT June 6-8.

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