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'House of Cards' star Kate Mara does sexy GQ photo shoot

"House of Cards" star Kate Mara poses for some sexy photos in the March issue of GQ, in which she talks about how she can't wait to watch the new season of the Netflix hit.

"Before Season One came out, I had seen all the episodes; this year I haven't, so I'm just as excited to watch it like anyone else," she told the magazine. "Still, I think it's just as surprising and addictive. Hopefully, we'll see."

Mara plays ambitious reporter Zoe Barnes, who initially had no issues trading sex for scoops from Congressman Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). This season, which begins streaming Feb. 14, she and her fellow reporters are hot on the trail of a story that could destroy Underwood, who is continuing his ruthless climb to power.

Mara, who sister is actress Rooney Mara, also talks about growing up in a football-crazed family. Her mom's side runs the Pittsburgh Steelers and her dad's family owns the New York Giants.

"We dressed up for Giants games like we were dressing up for church," she tells GQ.

Check out more Mara photos and the rest of the interview at The issue hits newsstands on Feb. 25.

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