That’s sweet. You’re a sweet guy, Francois.
[Laughs.] Yeah, I try to be.

Thanks again for taking the time. The second season’s really good so far.
Yeah, good. Well, I’m happy with it and I’m looking forward to seeing it all. And I’ve seen it up to Episode 4 as well. I’ve seen a little bit more except on ADR for like my scenes, but not all of it.

How was it being back in Hungary now that you know people there and everything?
It’s great. Yeah, it felt like a home away from home. 

Except for the elbow.
[Laughs.] Yeah, except for that elbow. And then you just want to be home for real and have your mom take care of you.

You have to stop getting into bar fights, Francois.
Yeah. [Laughs.] There’s nothing there. Don’t—there’s nothing to find there. [Laughs.]

No, no, I am just teasing. Francois does not get into bar fights! Well, thank you very much.
Thank you. Have a good day.