Yeah, that’s where it’s headed. And yeah, it doesn’t really stop until the end of the season. Well, I think the first season, especially for a historical show, you have to set things up historically, politically. Now that people know the characters and the historical context a little bit more, I think we can jump right into the action and I think it’s less explanatory. I think you get to work the events more in Season 2 than you hear about them, you know? I like that.

The dark partnership between Cesare and Micheletto becomes a lot more solid this season.
We talked about it a lot with Sean and it’s not friendship. There is some friendship but it’s not, you know, friendship as we know it today. It’s not equal. They’re not on the same level. But I think they respect each other a lot and Micheletto is certainly not Cesare’s tool or slave. They have a relationship on another level...

We get to know more about Micheletto this season actually, Episode 5 especially you’ll see something about Micheletto’s family and like where he comes from.

Cesare trusts him more than he trusts like say Juan.
Oh, definitely, definitely. [Laughs.] Juan cannot be trusted. 

Do you find it to be a brotherly relationship? Do you think that he thinks of Micheletto, “Too bad this guy wasn’t my brother instead of Juan?”
Not exactly either, because Cesare and Micheletto’s relationship is possible because it’s more or less secret, hidden. They don’t know too much about each other. Well, Micheletto has absolutely no grasp of what the rest of Cesare’s life is like, you know, growing up in such a powerful family. And Cesare is very respectful of Micheletto being so secretive about himself and I don’t think he really wants to know. When he ends up learning a bit more about Micheletto later on, he kind of chooses to ignore it or let it be private in order to keep the relationship as it is.

The wig looks a lot longer this year.
Yeah. It’s much curlier. I think they thought that the first one was a bit too “priesty” for what was coming and wanted something that could be more, you know, active or a better flow to it.

For fighting?
Yeah. Less L’Oreal.

Do you have any other projects coming up?
Yeah, yeah. There’s a role in a movie that I’m doing next month, but think they’re signing it right now so I can’t reveal the title but I can tell you what it is. It’s an American independent movie about the Civil War. I play a soldier.

That’s nice you can squeeze that in before Season 3.
Yeah, it’s great. It’s good to do something different and be happy to come back to Cesare after that.

I wanted to mention that I discovered website called “In Love with Francois Arnaud” today.
Really? Oh.

What do you think of that?
Well, you know, good for them. [Laughs.] I don’t Google myself, so I don’t know these things and I’d rather not. I was presenting at the Juno Awards this weekend and I was just walking backstage and there’s a girl, I guess who was a friend of the show, and she’s chasing me and she’s asking me, “Can I just get a hug from you?” And so yeah, we hugged. [Laughs.]