("American Idol" returns midseason.)                 
7 p.m.: " The X Factor" Results
("America Idol" Results returns midseason.)
8 p.m.: "Glee"

7 p.m.: "Touch"
8 p.m.: "Fringe"
("Hell's Kitchen" returns midseason.)

6 p.m.: Fox Sports Saturday
("Cops" returns midseason.)
(ANIMATION DOMINATION HIGH-DEF will join late-prime in 2013.)
6 p.m.  NFL game / Animation Domination encores
6:30 p.m.: "The OT" / "The Cleveland Show"
7 p.m.: "The Simpsons"
7:30 p.m.: "Bob's Burgers"
8 p.m.: "Family Guy"
8:30 p.m.: "American Dad"

NOT RETURNING: "Alcatraz," "Allen Gregory," "Breaking In," "The Finder," "House," "I Hate My Teenage Daughter," "Napoleon Dynamite" and "Terra Nova." See MORE CANCELED SHOWS