Are you going to play kickball again at Lollapalooza this year?
Oh man, I wish I could. I'm not going to be in town. I'm going to be away in Spain shooting a film, so unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it. But I'd love to. I had a blast last season. It was fun.

Here are questions from other writers on Monday’s call, arranged by topics.

Why do you think Ryan continues to stay with him despite all the schemes and lies?
The scheming and the lying, that’s a good question. I think that as much as Wilfred cannot entirely be trusted I also think that almost entirely those sorts of schemes and those lies end up in Ryan learning something and Ryan continuing to grow and advance as a person despite the method for getting him there. I think deep down Ryan has a sense that Wilfred does have his best interest at heart, even though his methods aren’t exactly to be trusted. I think he’s aware of the fact that he’s on a path of self-discovery and a journey to bettering himself , and it’s his friend, it’s the person that knows him the best, it’s the person that understands him the best, again, despite the difficulties present in their relationship sometimes. It’s the person that he can actually rely on and that can truly understand what makes Ryan who he is.

In the Season 1 finale we saw a different side of Ryan that even made Wilfred cringe. What was it like to unleash Ryan’s dark side, and will we be seeing him again this season?
It was a lot of fun. It provided a color to the character that was very different from the character we were introduced to. We’ve only kind of ever alluded to that side of him in the first season until we saw it at the end, so it was great fun to play. It provided another layer and sort of insight into the darkness that lies within him that ultimately led him to the place that we found him in at the beginning of the first season. We won’t necessarily see that darkness again. He allowed himself to get to the precipice a little bit, and in doing that he almost lost everything that was holding him together, Wilfred included, and so we see him now having come out of that space, and I don’t think it’s likely that he’ll return there any time soon. But we now are aware of the fact that that exists, and to a certain degree I guess more importantly that is ultimately what led to his initial downfall, it was that sort of selfish activity and doing things that he knew was wrong despite the fact that he knew them that put him in the place that made Wilfred come into his life in the first place, I think.

At the end of the preview episode there’s a great moment where Ryan’s told to keep digging and then the next couple of episodes though it’s a little bit more of the general humorous antics with Wilfred and a little less of that introspection. Can you talk a little bit about how and when Ryan will start to dig again?
Yes, a very fine observation on your part. Yes, it’s true. The first few episodes back we find ourselves in a familiar Wilfred [place] in terms of the comedy and the construct of the show. But as the season progresses some of those existential questions and complications start to arise again, and we’ll see more of that, of the digging, I suppose, and of his self-discovery and growth, or lack of growth, as the season progresses. Like I said earlier, I think from episode 7 on it starts to become a little bit more like that, which represents, again, an element of the show that I think I’m most in love with. I love the first episode. I love this preview episode. It is totally emblematic of when I think the show is at its best. I love the comedy too, and I love those episodes, and we’ve got some very, very funny, ridiculous episodes this season, but we will definitely be getting back to more of what you’ve seen in this first preview episode as well.

Is there something specific that you’d like to see happen in the future on the show that hasn’t yet, if you could write it the way you want it?
There’s a lot of ideas that get thrown around. I would love to see Ryan as Wilfred at some point, in some kind of strange existential dream. I’ve always thought that that visually would be really weird. ... I have an idea of how I’d like the show to end, which I’d probably rather not say in case it lets the cat out of the bag in regards to something that we might actually do. ... I think there’s a lot we can explore with symbolism and fever dreams, which I think give insight into what is psychologically happening with the character. I’d like to see more of that, where we can put our audience in a place of not quite knowing where they are and what’s really going on, so I’d like to see more of that.

Can you tell us about the biotech company where Ryan is working and the mystery of it? Is it an escape from Wilfred and to make new connections?
It certainly is. It’s the first time that we see Ryan in the workplace interacting with other people, having responsibility, accepting being a lawyer again, getting out of his house, really, literally, and getting [to] interact with other people and grow. [It’s] not so much to stay away from Wilfred, but to grow as a human being, to psychologically be healthy enough to be in a workplace with other people. It was the most logical place for us to go, I think.

How hard is it for you to keep a straight face with Jason Gann in that costume?
I was actually talking about this on set the other day, but the first season I rarely broke. It was actually funny, we were about a day or two before we were finished on the first season and Wilfred had this line; it was a nebulous line, it didn’t seem particularly funny or outlandish. ... I think Wilfred’s line was, “I wasn’t finished yet, Ryan,” or something, I had interrupted him, but I clearly hadn’t ... I didn’t break all season for some reason, even though everything we were doing was hilarious and Jason was constantly funny, but I never broke until that line. It was the weirdest thing to break in.

And this season has been the total opposite. I laughed so much this season and broke in so much more. I don’t really know why that is. I don’t know if it’s because the material is funnier this season or if, I don’t know, if I’m more comfortable with what we’re doing and what we’re creating that I’m laughing more, but Jason has made me laugh a lot this season. It’s been hilarious. And I can’t quite put my finger on it. ...

[Jason] changed one word and that one word change made the line so ridiculously funny that I broke and then every time we tried to do it again I knew it was coming, so we literally had to walk off set and clear the air, because he was laughing as well. It was great. It’s been a really fun season. It’s sort of ridiculous how much fun it is to come to work. It’s just one of those jobs where every day I look forward to seeing everyone, every day I look forward to the material that we get a chance to make come to life. It’s really a blessing. It’s awesome.

What do you feel it is about Wilfred that resonates well with viewers?