"There have been many monsters to face the Doctor over the years," Moffat said, "but only one that can sum up the whole series just by being there."

In "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship," airing Sept. 8
"I always thought dinosaurs and the science of ‘Who' would be funny," Smith said.

Cyborg gunslinger
In "A Town Called Mercy," airing Sept. 15
"I am a huge fan of Westerns ... so it was kind of like living out a boyhood dream," Darvill said.

Earth invasion
In "The Power of Three," airing Sept. 22
"There's never been an extra-terrestrial incursion like this one," Moffat teased.

Weeping Angels (and River Song!)
In "Angels Take Manhattan," airing Sept. 29
"They've become BIGGER and better than ever," Gillan teased. "I'm giving you a clue."

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