Do you both like that kind of travel, or does it get tedious?
PW: I love it.
AM: I think it’s such a privilege, isn’t it? It is such a privilege to not only visit these incredible places, but having the chance to spend so much time there. You really get under the skin of the place. You really get a good feel for the place and almost become a local. [Laughs.] We all love our food. We all love our restaurants, so if you ever go to Cape Town, give us a call.
PW: [Laughs.] Yes.
AM: We have done Cape Town restaurants. It is the opportunity to stay in a place for a couple of months you really, really do get to see something else as opposed to what you see on a vacation.
PW: And then on an artistic level you’re working with like-minded people and it’s really cool because you’ll bounce to Cape Town to Dublin to Budapest to wherever, your home and your home city of London or LA or New York. The like-minded people, people who are coming together. It never ceases to amaze me how stuff gets made because the challenges that you face on a daily basis, but when this stuff really gets forced into existence, when you make a television show or something you can kind of stand back with all these people and go, “Guys, if one of us wouldn’t have been doing our job this wouldn’t have happened.” So it’s really cool to see it all come together and to know that family that you’ve quickly picked up with really pulled it off together.

And then I heard you guys blew up City Hall in Cape Town.
PW: [Laughs.] Totally, our special effects, whom I won’t name—bless them. The car bomb in Episodes 3 and 4 that diverts Stonebridge so that Kate Marshall can get kidnapped, that sucker went off, man. We were all quite a ways away from it. We thought, “Gosh that was really big. That was really convincing.” We walked up to the City Hall next to it. The door was hanging on its hinges. All the glass windows that were around it, which were God knows how old, were shattered.

It was a bit of a headache for production, but we all kind of thought it was cool.

With you doing all those stunts and everything did you guys have injuries too? Was it a little brutal?
PW: Yeah, you would get in the car at the end of the night and the adrenaline is really running because some of these things you’re really amped up. You kind of have to go there. So you’d get in the car and about half way home you’d realize that that bit of your elbow that you thought you had was no longer there and then another hole in your leg. We were pretty fortunate. I know Sully pulled, I think he pulled a hamstring in one of the fight scenes he was doing. I rolled my ankle pretty bad in Episode 5 and I had to wear a brace for the rest of the show, but we managed to come out relatively unscathed. Amanda had a good one during training though. Didn’t you?
AM: I suffered my art, Curt, suffered for my art. Yes, I was training with one of the special forces guys and I was really, really tired and really didn’t want to be there and he was goading me on going, “Come on, come on, you’re supposed to be Special Forces! You’re Col. Grant! Grrr!”

We were doing a boxing exercise. I would say, for him, he thought it was a nudge. But he punched me really hard, so punched him as hard as I could and I dislocated my shoulder. And that guy did not flinch.
PW: [Laughs.] I love that man. I think that’s great.
AM: And that’s when I went, “Do you know what? I'm going to act Col. Grant. I'll act the military thing. I don’t think I need to get method on this one.”
PW: It’s brutal, isn’t it?

Amanda, I hear you also had a little trouble at a gas station there.
AM: I did. You know what? It’s really unfortunate because every person we came into contact with in South Africa was just adorable, everyone was.

I've traveled the world a couple of times, so I'm very savvy and I think I just let my guard down that day. It was quite a well-rehearsed team and they cornered me in an ATM booth. I knew what was going on and I said to the guy, “You’ve got my card, give it back.” And he was going, “No it’s in the machine, just put your PIN number in.” …

He started to get really nasty and the guys behind started pushing, so I was kind of disorientated and I just had to stand back and let the guys go. But of course as soon as the military guys—
PW: I think we’re all pretty lucky that they weren’t there. [Laughs.]
AM: You know what? They came as soon as they heard they said, “Right, we’re coming around.” One came around with a Glock, put it on the table and went, “All right, we’re going to do some closed quarter combat.” So if you come near me in a nightclub and I don’t like it, bang you’re on the floor before you know it.

COME BACK AFTER THE FINALE! I will have more of the interview after Friday’s season finale. It’s full of spoilers.