Probably what we’ve shown over the 10 episodes is probably the tip of the iceberg of some of the stuff that is going on and it’s going on daily and these guys are not thanked, they are not acknowledged. Every day there are a Scott and Stonebridge out there somewhere doing that on our behalf and they never get the recognition. They didn’t do it for that. It was a quite humbling thought really.

Yeah because they have to remain secret operatives.
AM: Yeah, that’s it, but the fact that these guys would do it because that’s what is required of them and they don’t expect thanks or recognition or glory. It’s quite astounding that people are putting their lives on the line.
Philip Winchester: That’s the thing about these guys. They are under the radar. They are the definition of that and like Amanda said they don’t do it for the praise. They do it because it needs to get done because if it doesn’t who knows what is going to happen.

All right, so onto something a little lighter. Once again you’re not doing anything to let people know that you’re actually an American.
PW: [Laughs.] Except you. I'm talking to you. This is my real me. Actually I don’t know anymore. It has been so much a part of my life.

When I wrote the "Camelot" inteview people on Twitter were saying, “Oh, he’s American?” (Read "Philip Winchester's 'Camelot': Leontes, Guinness & Va Va Voom")
PW: [Laughs.] How about that?

Amanda, how is his accent?
AM: He has it absolutely perfect, absolutely perfect. I mean it’s funny because he is Stonebridge and he is British. He’s so easily recognizable to me, and then you get Phil who in between takes goes midsentence from Phil to Stonebridge. And then when he’s at home with Megan it’s Phil, so you get the varying degrees. It’s kind of funny.
PW: I do have to remind myself. I think it was a month after we finished in Budapest and went to London for a bit. After London we were back in Montana and we were getting in the car one morning, my wife and I to go to have breakfast or something and she looked at me and said, “Oh hey, Philip, it’s nice to have you back.” I said, “What are you talking about?” She said, “Well I've been living with Stonebridge for a long time.” The accent, the physicality, all of it just it kind of it really becomes a part of you.
AM: It absorbs. Doesn’t it?

At first I didn’t know if I should be a little offended because it seemed like the way Scott was being portrayed that maybe the writers thought all Americans were womanizers and said “Buddy” all the time. Did you get to say anything Phillip like, “Hey let’s chill out a little bit on that?”
PW: [Laughs.] I just think they thought that Sully’s such an incredible method actor and that they really needed to apply that to his technique. [Laughs.] We laughed about it. There were days I would come on set and Sully would just look at me and be like, “Yeah, doing another sex scene today, mate, and what are you doing?”

I was, “I think I get to go shoot someone and I think I save your ass again.” He was like, “Yeah, typical mate.”

But we constantly bantered about it because he did it so much. He did it so much. I think by the end of it he was just like, “All right, come on, let’s just shoot this thing.”

He did have most of the big sex scenes. Were you jealous, relieved or—?
PW: Relieved, totally relieved. [Laughs.] I was so thankful and I think definitely my wife and I were grateful that I didn’t have to do an awful lot of that. And if I have anything to say about next year I’d love to keep that storyline.

You guys shot mostly in Cape Town. But you did travel all over the place.
PW: Yeah, Delhi was actually Durban, which is just below Mozambique on the eastern coast there and then we went back to Cape Town for four months. We went up to a place called Springbok for a little bit, which is below the border of Namibia and we were there for a couple of weeks and then we packed up everything and we went up to Budapest up in Hungary and we were there for two months, so those were the last four episodes were up in Budapest and that doubled as Russia and Chechnya and all that kind of stuff.