"Antonin Scalia may be personally very conservative," Sagal said of the Supreme Court judge, "but what we learned from the show is that he has concrete and logical positions, whether or not you are with where they might lead. Like the question of gay marriage and the 14th Amendment — Scalia asked when that became a right. That's a very interesting question because when the 14th Amendment was written in the 1860s that's probably not what its authors had in mind."

Sagal said that in researching the show he came to understand not only the Constitution's wisdom but its imperfections. He hopes viewers will do the same.

"The Constitution is all around us and we don't really know it. And we know that we don't know it, but aren't always moved to do something about it." He paused. " It's like that line from 'Diner.' Do you ever get the feeling that there's something going on that we don't know about?' Our show is trying to tell you what it's about."



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