Not content to stay in the shadow of mafia boss Johnny Torrio (Greg Antonacci), Al craves the spotlight.

Al doesn’t mind being identified as a mobster in the local newspaper, but he becomes furious when his name is misspelled. He confronts a frightened young journalist and brutishly corrects the error.

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“Now you know,” Al says, slapping the reporter’s head.

Finally, disfigured Richard Harrow (Jack Huston) is weary of killing, both from his days as an Army sharpshooter and later as a mob assassin. Searching for a fresh start, he returns to his family farm in Wisconsin.

Richard hides his pistol in a woodpile and looks longingly at a warm stove inside the dilapidated farmhouse.

“Emma, I’ve come home,” he calls out to his twin sister.

However, instead of welcoming her long-gone brother with an embrace, Emma holds him at bay with a rifle.

Not exactly the reunion Richard expected.


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