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Meet the Green City Market's new vendors

Finally, it's time to trade wool coats for canvas totes. A favorite of chefs and at-home cooks, Green City Market emerged from hibernation last Saturday, moving from its indoor location to its outdoor post in Lincoln Park. Whether you're looking for some fresh-picked inspiration for a meal at home or just want to stuff your face with a cooked-to-order pizza, this crop of new vendors is poised to deliver.

***When to go
Green City Market is open 7 a.m.-1 p.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1790 N. Clark St. (between Clark Street and Stockton Drive).

Amazing Shrimp
From: East Chicago, Ind.
At the market: Wednesdays and Saturdays
They're selling: Fresh farm-raised saltwater shrimp ($22 per pound). Owner Marek Wolanowski brings a tank of live Pacific white shrimp to GCM so that his customers can see it firsthand before placing an order to be shipped directly to their home.
Ask him about: His goal of setting up more sustainable farms near major cities in order to provide fresh shrimp over frozen ones shipped in from the coasts.

Earth & Skye Farm
From: Manhattan, Ill.
At the market: Wednesdays
They're selling: Green smoothies and organic produce. Founder and owner Patty McPhillips has been farming alongside close friends for ten years on her 2-acre farm. Using biodynamic farming methods, they take seriously spiritual approach to growing produce; McPhillips said she's all about expressing her "love for the land and plants" while also "encouraging people to be aware of the natural rhythm of the earth."
Must-try: Garden Nectar green drinks ($5) that are whipped up on site using kale, apple cider vinegar, raw honey and other seasonal vegetables.

Marigold Hill Organics
From: Grayslake, Ill.
At the market: Wednesdays
They're selling: MOSA- and USDA-certified organic produce and herbs. Founders Greg and Lynn Simmons have been farming with the Farm Business Development Center for two years and recently expanded from one to five acres with the help of farm manager Jonah Tabb.
Must-try: One of their many variations of lettuce ($3.50 a head) and kale ($3 per bunch), which were knockouts in other local markets last year.

Quality Organic
From: Dwight, Ill.
At the market: Wednesdays
They're selling: Organic and non-GMO popcorn ($4 for 1.5 pounds), corn on the cob ($4 for eight ears), oats and wheat. Brian Severson and his wife Karen have truly made farming a family affair, relying on the help of their four children. They began growing organic sweet corn in 2007 and have continued to expand their crop ever since.
Fun fact: Many local teens earn extra cash in the summer by learning how to work the farm.

Savory Accents
From: Verona, Wis.
At the market: Wednesdays
They're selling: Organic chili peppers and chili products such as jams and hot sauces. Ted and Joan Ballweg have been making chili products together for decades. No fear to those who dread spiciness; the Ballwegs assure that "it's not just about how hot we can get it." Their mild Japanese peppers (50 cents each) are a popular pick and can be sauteed in olive oil and served as a side dish or appetizer.
Must-try: Spicy bloody mary seasoning ($6), which is great for cooking as well as making bloodies.

The Nomad Food Company
From: Mundelein, Ill.
At the market: Wednesdays and Saturdays
They're selling: Wood-fired pizzas ($13-$15), sandwiches, and vegetable plates featuring market vegetables. Jared Batson has been sourcing organic ingredients and rolling around his mobile brick pizza oven to events since last year. "My passion and food background directly lead me to a place like GCM," he said.
Ask him about: His time in Ireland studying at the Ballymaloe Cookery School—and how he can cater a personalized menu for your next party.

Underground Meats
From: Madison, Wis.
At the market: Saturdays
They're selling: Hand-crafted meats. Underground Meats is just one of four pillars (there's also a restaurant, catering service and a butcher) of the Underground Food Collective. Look for Tuscan salami and soppressata ($13-$15) stocked at its GCM booth.
Fun fact: They are one of the only sources of goat salami in the U.S, said sales manager Brent Gentry.

From: Schaumburg, Ill.
At the market: Wednesdays (and Saturdays starting in June)
They're selling: French-style pastries such as fruit tarts, macarons and cannoli. Arshiya Farheen studied at Ferrandi, a culinary school in Paris, before working in France to perfect her baking skills; she started Verzenay after returning to Chicago just a short month ago.
Must-try: Seasonal fruit pastries such as fresh apple tarts ($3-$5).

Wisconsin Fermentation Company
From: Hillsboro, Wis.
At the market: Saturdays
They're selling: Black garlic and maple syrup. A previous gig with Organic Valley inspired owner Craig Dunek to go his own way. "You can't explore everything you want when you're working for a corporation," he said. Dunek uses garlic from his own company, Black Garlic North America, so that he has a hand in every step of the process.
Must-try: Maple cream ($14 for 8 ounces), which is basically spreadable maple syrup.

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