Willam (of course) gets in the line of the night when she says that she's "not going to RuPaul-ogize for anything" she's saying now. Ru warns her to consider that line stolen.

"My new album will be called 'RuPaul-ogize' on iTunes," Ru says, laughing hysterically.

Unsurprisingly, Latrice wins the Miss Congeniality award, which entitles her to a sash and a free roundtrip, first-class plane ticket.

We do the round robin with the final three, which can be broken down as follows:

Chad is classy, Sharon is flashy and Phi Phi is assy.

"If anyone every boos you off stage, that is simply applause from ghosts. You remember that," Sharon tells the fellow weird kids of the world.

The judges weigh in but none of them pick a fave.

As Ru gets around to announcing the winner, I can't help but imagine what the moment might have been like had it been genuine, the actual moment Sharon found out she'd won. Instead, the real reaction Sharon had was in a house or at a viewing party on Monday night. Hopefully she was hugging Alaska and her mom and cheering for herself like crazy.

I guess, this season, that image will have to be enough.

Love ya, squirrelfriends, and come back for the All-Stars season, which promises to be intense.