Yara and Alexis, also known as “Yarlexis,” serve cheerleader of the future outfits, with pictures of themselves glued to their chests. It is not that great, I don’t mind telling you.

But Manila and Latrice, “Latrila,” work the runway as glittery Teletubbies, complete with a TV on Manila’s stomach playing her “Hot Couture” video.

“If your palate ain’t feeling what I’m cooking, then spit it out, bitch,” Latrice says. I’m feeling it! I’m feeling it!

Pandora and Mimi, “Mandora,” have matching shiny blue-and-green-fur numbers, and “Rujubee,” Raven and Jujubee work adorable burlesque outfits. “Brown Flowers,” Nina and Tammie, go for eleganza in black floor-length gowns and curly red wigs. “Shad,” Shannel and Chad, of COURSE, completely overdo it in wild, feathery drama looks.

Rujubee are safe, but it’s Latrila who take top honors—and deservedly so.

Yarlexis fail to transmit their ideas to the judges, and Mandora fall flat mostly because of Mimi and their weird outfits. Brown Flowers didn’t translate their “half-baked” photo success to the “opposites attract” pic.

If there are any two queens who are so confident that they not only refuse to tone themselves down or refocus their approaches, it’s Shad. They are practically the same queen. They’re also unable to see how their perfection and overdone looks can be anything less than awesome.

Shannel kills Santino with her eyes as he dresses her down, reminding me of her white-hot hatred for him in Season 1. Police officers, if Santino is found tortured and strangled at any point in time, I’m not saying Shannel definitely did it. I’m just saying it wouldn’t hurt to check her out.

ANYWAY, it’s Shad and Mandora who are the bottom two pairs, and Mimi and Chad are picked to lip-sync for their teams’ lives. Despite Mimi horning in on Chad's personal space and a costume change that Manila hilariously slams, things are not looking good for team Mandora.

“I am a drag assassin and I’m not going home against the likes of Mimi Imfurst,” Chad says, a promise that she keeps.

Mimi and Pandora sashay away, and I find myself far less upset than I would have guessed I’d be. See ya, Bitter Betty and her less bitter but less talented partner!

Next week: Dude looks like a celebrity lady!


And now it’s time for the best quotes of the episode. As Yara Sofia would say, “Swallow it.”


 “When I competed last time, everybody thought I was this arrogant bitch,” Shannel (Well, gurl, if the shoe fits…)

“Someone’s gotta go home first,” Manila (about Mimi).

“I love long walks on the beach, big dicks and fried chicken,” Jujubee.

“One hundred thousand dollars? That’s like five hundred thousand chicken nuggets!” Jujubee.

“I’m getting black rain in my brown flower,” Raven.

“Black rain! Why it gotta be black?” RuPaul.

“The Yarlexis gets pretty good gas mileage,” Santino.

“Si. Me gusta mucho. That means ‘I like it a lot’ in Spanish,” Tammie.

“I like a BBW in a bold print. That’s what I like,” Ross.


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